Mr Powell is my friend.
“I love my nursery”
We walk in nursery, we run outside.
Let’s do this together!
I like teachers, they are my friends.
Thank you Mummy for bringing me to nursery.
I love Mummy and Daddy and they love me.
Teachers teach me what to do.


Hello, we are Nursery!

We have two big classrooms with lots of exciting activities to learn and do with our friends and teachers.

We also have a big outdoor area where we can practise our physical skills and learn about the world around us.

At Nursery we enjoy singing, dancing, exploring and investigating and getting messy whilst playing and learning inside and out! 

We are helped to learn by our nursery staff: Mr Powell, Miss Woodward, Mrs Kedzior and Mrs Atkinson.






Parents Guides

Please click below to downloads our Parents Guides to Nursery:

Nursery Guide – ENGLISH

Nursery Guide – POLISH

Nursery Guide – PORTUGUESE

Mr Powell

Nursery Teacher

Miss Woodward

Nursery Teacher


This Week

This term in Nursery we are learning how to settle into school life. We are learning how to make friends by playing and sharing with others. We will be reading lots of exciting traditional stories and retelling them in many different ways.